The Secret World Golden Thanksgiving

Funcom is displaying its thankfulness this year with a few Thanksgiving goodies! Jump into The Secret World this weekend – tomorrow, November 28 until Monday December 2nd – for some quick leveling action!

Double APs earned – every AP comes with a twin! This effect stacks with all boosts from the item store, so if you’re looking to juice up on the new augment system from issue #8, this is a great time to do it! And what’s extra quick earning without some extra fun? A Guardian of Gaia, the giant golden golem, has returned and is walking the earth just waiting to be defeated.

And our wallets haven’t been forgotten. Every purchase of Funcom points this weekend comes with a 30% bonus, and every recruit made this weekend earns extra Funcom points as well – so stock up on those AP potions, and have a whirlwind weekend!

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Pherephassa has been creeping around the etherspace long enough to have remorted so often that not even she can recall her original form. She loves sandboxes, challenges, chain mail bikinis and dungeons so large they take weeks, months or even years to fully explore. Currently seeking an MMO home, she can often be found on the side of the road, begging game designers for death penalties and slow leveling curves.