Path of Exile Celebrates Massive Success

Quite some time ago, I took a peek at Path of Exile, the flagship action game from Grinding Gear Games. I’ve not been alone in my positive impression of the game, for GGG is celebrating having exceeded expectations after just one month. I’m really not surprised, it is a great game if you like action and roguelikes.

With over 4 million and counting registered users and more than 250,000 daily users, Path of Exile saw 1.5 million unique players log in following the end of its Open Beta. Those are some great numbers, and well worthy of a celebration, I’d say! For those wanting to more tangibly celebrate, there are new Supporter Packs being offered, with new rewards. Like other free-to-play shop packs, these Supporter Packs have multiple tiers. Unlike other Packs – there are no “powerups” for sale! Rewards consist of cosmetic items, titles, soundtracks, t-shirts, hoodies and music. GGG definitely has a great game and one of the best cash shop models out there, so I hope they do fabulously well.

TO learn more, check out the game!

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