The Secret World: Issue 1 Now Live!

The Secret World has a pretty ambitious content plan – every month there will be the addition of new content! Makes me very pleased I have a lifetime subscription. I definitely think it’ll be awesome if they keep it up. The very first issue, Unleashed, has just gone live. It contains 7 new missions, including new investigations, 2 new nightmare dungeons, the long awaited auction house, new clothes, bug fixes, and more. I’m excited and can’t wait to see it! To read the official highlights from the patch notes, visit¬†Tarib’s Server Update highlights.

Even more exciting, there is an in game event planned for this weekend to celebrate the first month! They’ll be giving away Funcom points to anyone who completes 30 missions between Aug 3-7th, fireworks to celebrate, and gametime to anyone who wants to play. Yep, you read that right – anyone will be able to give TSW a try over the weekend. Been curious about the game but not willing to drop the cash to check it out? Now’s your chance! Hop on over,¬†read the details, and join me in game!

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  1. Yep- I made a promise to myself that if issue #1 came out on time and reasonably bug-free, I’d get a lifetime subscription. While the patch isn’t perfect (chat is _still_ bugged for some people and the Marketplace is not fully functional), I just pulled the trigger on that lifetime sub.

    Congrats to Funcom and I look forward to the months (and years) to come.

  2. Bugs or not, the investigation missions make it worthwhile. In what other game are you required to actually think and problem solve? For me this is the biggest draw to the game, it creates a challenge that is rewarding after all the frustration lol

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