World of Warcraft Expands To Mega Bloks, Now in Stores!

Announced at BlizzCon 2011 and detailed in late March, the summer line of World of Warcraft licensed Mega Bloks is now available in stores! The latest, greatest and only full-sized line currently available is all about the red and blue, featuring a buildable Deathwing and Stormwind. Too bad his claw prints aren’t on Stormwind’s towers.

Also available are the more rudimentary/junior sets featuring popular characters in 25 piece sets, vehicles and mounts in ~90 piece sets and more mature sets like that of Sindragosa/Lich King pairing coming in at 150 pieces. Prices range from under $10 to $100.

You better believe I’ll be getting my hand on at least one of the more epic collections. My action figure shelves desperately need some new blood.

Mega Bloks and Blizzard will be pairing up in the foreseeable future to continue delivering buildable pieces from Azeroth and beyond.

Check out all your options over at Amazon.