The Secret World Issue 3 Due Tomorrow

After the long delays of Issue 2,  I did not expect Issue 3 to be released on time this month. Color me pleasantly surprised. In a sudden ninja move, they have announced Issue 3: The Cat God will go live tomorrow during the weekly maintenance.  I’d like to give a recap of what’s expected in Issue 3, but details have been difficult to dig up. There’s been no official announcement other than it’s due tomorrow, and no mentions aside from a few hints in a press release about Joel Bylos taking the reigns of game director from Ragnar Tørnquist.

I have to admit, as disappointed as I’ve been with the Funcom layoffs and the loss of Martin Bruusgaard, this does somewhat ameliorate my skepticism at the claims that monthly updates will continue.  Now if only they’d put something good in the store, and actually fix the hideous character models. I continue to have nothing but praises to sing about The Secret World aside from its subpar character models.

Community Manager Morteia is gathering the details, so hopefully there will be an announcement sometime soon. Although admittedly at this point there’s little point, tomorrow we’ll see what’s in it firsthand.

My assumption is this cat god, whoever it is, will be Egyptian. There are any number of gods it could be, though my money is on Bast, Sekhmet, Pakhet, or Maahes. Bast is perhaps the obvious choice, but Sekhmet takes the lead for me as she already features prominently in The Secret World lore. Anyone else care to venture a guess?

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