The Secret World Posts First Newsletter Issue

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With each passing week, The Secret World is getting a little less secret. This weekend marks the beginning of a consistent offering from Funcom, paving the way for more significant reveals in the months to come. The Secret World’s newsletter covers this week’s new round of screenshots as well as an exciting gameplay trailer.

The official site has received a solid revamp, providing more information and a better browsing experience overall. In order to receive the newsletter via email, prospective players must complete the initiation test, which determines your place in the game’s three societies, the Illuminati, Dragon, and Templars.

Finishing off the letter is a recap of The Secret World’s presentation at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. Unfortunately, MMOCrunch was unable to attend the festivities, but a wide assortment of blogs, press sites and fan sites offered their experiences for us to greedily consume.