The Secret World Release Date Delayed to July 3rd

Fans of The Secret World are going to have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on Funcom’s latest MMORPG because today it was announced that the release date would be pushed back by two weeks to July 3rd. Early access begins on June 29th.

Also announced were two more beta weekends, which begin on June 15th – 17th and June 22nd – 24th. The next beta weekend will allow players to select from all three factions and to travel outside of Kingsmouth and into the Savage Coast, where they’ll find the Hell Raised epic dungeon. The last beta weekend will focus on PvP as players will battle it out on the Eldorado battlefield.

For more information, head over to TWS official site.


  1. Meh. This game will either fail or go f2p faster than any mmo ever :|

    Most wonky control mechanics I’ve ever seen in any MMO.

  2. It is true…pressing the number keys ‘1’ through ‘7’ to use attack skills is unimaginably bizarre. Also, using the mouse to turn your character and ‘W, A, S, D’ to move is wacky. Not really sure what about the controls you’d find wonky, but there you have it.

    Eh, delaying the release three weeks is sad for me, since I was hoping to spend a bit of my vacation in June playing, but it’ll be out when it’s ready.

  3. It feels like they couldn’t decide if they wanted a third person shooter or a point and click+hotkeys mmo. The mixing various parts of the control scheme from the two is awkward, poorly implemented, and imo doesn’t really work well at all.

  4. Every mmorpg I have ever played has the same control scheme, so I am not sure what the other posters are talking about, the game is amazing, does require some decent hardware, but not a multi thousand dollar gaming machine. The game is aimed at hardcore PC mmorpg players, not at console fps, or point and click PC rpg players. It is an adult game, not for kids.

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