The Secret World Servers Announced

The Secret World‘s server – pardon me, dimensions –  information has finally been posted, so anyone playing and wanting to plan with their friends can rejoice!   There are currently seven, three of which are tagged with special designations – RP, French and German. Funcom has stated that as they fill up, more can be added on very short notice. It is worth noting that Tarib, the senior community manager has said:

Please also keep in mind that the number of players per dimension in The Secret World is many, many, many times higher than in most other traditional MMOs.

It’s also worth noting that TSW’s dimensions operate very differently than most game servers. You can enjoy most of the game’s content with someone from a different server! Cabals, TSW‘s guild equivalent, can be created with people across multiple dimensions. You can also group for world PvE content, do dungeons, and even join the PvP minigames with people from other dimensions. The only thing that can’t be done cross-dimension is Fusang, TSW‘s large warzone for 24/7 PvP. Names are unique across the game – so if I were to name myself Moxy again in the live game, I would be the only Moxy. There are no duplicate names across the dimensions.

  • Cerberus
  • Daemon
  • Faerie (RP dimension)
  • Grim
  • Huldra
  • Drac (French dimension)
  • Kobold (German dimension)

To read the full announcement, see Tarib’s post on the official forums. For more information on how TSW’s servers operate, Martin’s dev blog goes into detail.

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