The Secret World's Business Model a Secret No Longer

Today during Funcom’s quarterly financial┬ápresentation it was revealed that The Secret World would be using a hybrid business model having both a subscription plan and an in-game items store.

We are very excited about introducing an in-game store already from launch. Being able to integrate the store into the actual design of the game pre-launch gives us opportunities you do not normally get when introducing a store after you have launched a game.

…it will focus mostly on convenience item and character customization items such as clothing – of which The Secret World will offer a ton of variety! As developers we are being very careful in making sure that items purchased through the store does not give players any unfair advantage against those who do not use the in-game store.

It seems the trend, regardless of whether or not the game is subscription based or not, is to include an in-game item store these days.


  1. “Interest in the game just went down. A lot.”

    Agree. If you want a cash shop go freemium or buy to play. P2P with cash shop is crap.

  2. @Rob P definitely agree they need to pick one or the other having both is just a shameless cash grab.

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