The Spirits of Gaming: Extra Life Edition


The Spirits of Gaming is where Lorehound staff get together and unwind. We will be choosing a game where a good amount of shenanigans can be found. We will then pair one or many alcoholic beverages with the chosen game to partake in whilst commencing said shenanigans. All around it should be a good time, feel free to stop in on our twitch where we will be streaming live!

This Saturday we will be embarking on a different journey. A journey that by coming together as a gaming family we can make a difference in a child’s life. Yes I understand that I sound like a terrible infomercial, one of those ones that have super sappy music playing, usually by Sarah McLachlan. Yet all the same, this Saturday gamers from all around the world are going to do what we do best. Game, and we are going to game hard.

The first 8 hours are fun, you are playing games all day, people are sending money to Children’s Hospitals because you are playing games. Huzzah! The next 8 hours are interesting. We delve deep into our minds and wonder do we actually enjoy playing games? It is at this point that most gamers switch to an easy game, one with little thinking, one where they can relax and fight their way through to the 16 hour point. Then the next 8 hours come, and you weep. For you know that you must continue, for children all over the world cannot play games as you are able, so you must find the strength inside yourself take one step after another.

I have seen streamers passed out on keyboards or coaches. I once checked in on my teammate in another city to see if he was still streaming, yet asleep he was. I was able to witness him waking on camera to my call. He had the audacity to pretend he was not sleeping. Fool thought he had turned the stream off.

Your donations will go directly towards providing some fun and games for sick children. You can donate to our team at this link.

What will your donations get you? We plan to be playing a lot of DOTA 2, we are looking at over 20 hours of DOTA 2 rage here. Your donations will keep us fresh, each donation will get to choose for one game:

  • what hero we play (we will try to lane together)
  • what mode we play (if I end playing ability draft all night I will come find all of you… and give you a hug! cause its for the children)
  • what he build on our hero’s (we need to build real items, 2000 tango DOTA 2 not acceptable, Mekanism techies is)

You don’t follow DOTA 2? You have no clue what I am talking about well then you are in luck.

Our main streamer for the evening Kendryx_ will humiliate herself by dressing how you desire with whatever she has around the house (keep it classy folks, this is for the children). Ever seen someone try to play video games with winter gloves/ oven mitts on? How about a Joey moment.

What?! Kendryx_ isn’t enough. Well then yours truly, ISA-Morderith, will join in. I look damn fine in a dress btw.

This years stream we will be leading off decked out as mermaids.  A friend donated last year and we could not accommodate in time. So join in for some fun Mermaid DOTA 2 Actions starting 8 am this Saturday the 5th as always on our twitch stream.