BlizzCon: The Road to BlizzCon X

Some are hoping for Diablo 4. I’d prefer Warcraft 4.

Last year, I was a little out of the loop going into BlizzCon. I admitted it at length. I hadn’t been playing much of anything, I didn’t catch wind of exciting news coming. It didn’t matter, I had a riot of a time. The convention, at me at least, did exactly what Blizzard Entertainment would have wanted it to. It sucked me back into the franchises I had lapsed from. That being all of them. The long play, their dedication to making these universes entertainment platforms continues to work. A year later and my decision to come is continuing to pay the company dividends.

I’m still playing, and enjoying, Legion, the latest World of Warcraft expansion. Shaktaji (and our buddy xSeven) keep me up to date on the inner workings of Hearthstone. Regardless of my continued interest in the Legendary level of play. We’ve rekindled MOBA Monday and begun a new series on our Twitch channel that’s kept me going back to Overwatch. And this year’s crew features antilles, our resident Star Wars nerd, who’s virgin to Blizzard products letting me be the expert for once!

Oh, and Weird Al, Sombra, a new Diablo III class, Hodor DJing, eSports madness, community get togethers, Weird Al, and surprises too many to fathom await us in the next 48 hours. But, details! Here’s the swag unboxing for BlizzCon 2016, the first time the swag has been “one thing.” But let’s not forget Weird Al!