The Strain Detailed in Latest DevSpeak (Video)

WildStar has only been available for a month. A month! This development is not holding Carbine Studios from releasing new content for its first MMORPG. Revealed just over a two week ago, the first Ultra Drop known as The Strain sees a mysterious toxin swarming over all of Nexus. Biological life is in danger on the planet the entire universe is clambering to.

The announcement gave the community only a taste of what to expect, new zones, new mobs from the digestive tract of Globellum, new solo content including a sort of tower-defense minigame and new dungeon-like encounters. Lastly, the dev left us with a schedule, including the patch notes and release coming sometime this week. Ahead of all that comes today’s DevSpeak focusing solely on this new content.

Why read when you can watch? Hit the jump to put your peepers on the latest tasty morsel from Carbine’s excellent cinematic crew.

We’ll have more as it drops. In the meantime, you can spend a while F5ing over on the dedicated Strain minisite.