Top Five Posts of 2015

case17_2It’s always interesting as bloggers to see what the community most connects with. Sometimes you spend hours articulating a post, or weeks developing a column idea only to see them fall flat. Maybe initially, possibly forever. Occasionally, that same disappointment will magically be resurrected weeks or years later. Such as our ultimate necropost. Then there’s the left hand. When you throw together something little more than a rant, love note or news piece and it explodes in popularity. To be honest, it can be a little enraging.

Naturally, we’d love to completely understand the community at all times. We’re happy with getting it correct more often than not though. And so, without further adieu, upon reviewing to see how accurate we were in 2015, here’s the year’s biggest posts beginning with number five!

I feel bad leaving out QuakeCon 2015’s Case Mod Winner having lost to the SMITE Giveaway post by just a dozen hits. We’ll call it an honorable mention. What has this review taught us? Well, as far as our original pieces in 2015 go, the ones that truly mattered weren’t basic blog posts, but video interviews at conventions. Exactly the kind of material we founded Lore Hound on five years ago!

Guess we’re more accurate than we thought!