Torchlight II: So Close It Hurts; Max Schaefer’s “Last PAX East”

In the non-MMOG space, we had one goal; get a release date out of Runic Games for Torchlight II. Once upon a time, Max Schaefer, Runic’s CEO, jokingly said Torchlight III – that’d be a game that technically isn’t announced yet – would be released before Diablo III. Since the statement, Runic has turtled its own development for final polish. Lots of it.

A release date of “Soon TM” has been applied to the title since. However, that doesn’t stop our correspondent and community from wanting answer to difficult questions, including the presence of DirextX 11 support, system requirements and coverage, co-op play, including quest sharing, and access to the source code.

Hit the jump for the full disclosure.

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  1. Wow, thanks for posting this interview :) Almost had forgotten about T2 :D

    Though when he said “The game is going to have 3 acts”, I immediately thought “T2 is going to have an expansion or two”, considering this is the same group of people that brought us Diablo and Diablo 2, and was a bit surprised that you didn’t ask about that

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