Trion Extends RIFT's Half-Birthday Free Week

Due to hurricane Irene slamming the east coast of the US this past weekend, Trion has decided to extend their Half-Birthday celebration for RIFT by a full week.  All XP bonuses will remain and all new players will get an extra free week to continue their journey.

UPDATE 8/30: We know many of you have been weathering out the storm on the east coast – so we’re keeping the subscriber bonuses turned on an extra week, you now have until September 6th to enjoy all the bonuses to XP, Guild XP, Favor, Prestige, Planarite, and dugeon & raid currencies. Have fun!

I’m glad to see Trion extending the free week. Currently my character is level 20, a Defiant Rogue, and even though I live in New Jersey the hurricane really didn’t effect me and I didn’t lose power so I was able to get some good game time in this weekend. With another week and continued XP bonuses, hopefully I’ll get to at least level 30 by the time this half bday celebration event ends.