PAX Prime 2011: Day 1 Photos

Continuing with giving you a teaser of photographic content to keep you thirsty for more as we polish off the content we have for you to grasp onto until release dates happen, here is Day 1 of PAX Prime 2011.

Day 1 was filled with a busy schedule as we ran as a pack of wolves with delicious prey to each booth to meet our appointments, ultimately in the end missing a few. Our schedules booked all day, we found only little downtime to meet with our old friends at Hi-Rez Studios and Riot Games, creators of Global Agenda and League of Legends .

Beararms managed to hop on a  DDO station as we were in the area for an appointment, to recreate his infamous D&D character, Adam Grizzlys, visually. Along with a surprise of Batman: Imposters booth babe, and the bright lights, we Lorehounds managed to see a ton of things this year in one day.