Trion Invites You to Enter the Rift

Here we go, avid gamers. Trion Worlds begins the closed beta phase for its awesome game Rift: Planes of Telara in December 3th and to encourage everyone to register for it, they gift us all with this astounding new video: Enter the Rift.

The video shows several representatives of Rift guilds, talking about the game and explaining many things they like, about what it’s been called a next generation MMO, coming to shake the genre foundations. What you’ll see on the video is going to make you want to play, that’s for sure. The graphics look great, environments design is gorgeous, the Rifts promise to bring endless action and mystery, dynamic content seems to create a feeling of playing in a world always changing… pure MMO hype.

Closed beta is going to be a series of private events. Awesome things are going to happen and looks like, in addition to test the game and help to polish it, all beta testers will see some storyline events, introducing the game. In some hours, Rise of the Defiant begins, for the joy of all fans.

Watch the video and cheer the MMO world.

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