Allods Online: Fury of War Expansion

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Gala-Net reveals the first details on the expansion for their MMORPG Allods Online. Volume 3: Fury of War is to due before Christmas and will bring new features, content and many interesting options for new and existing subscribers with a special focus on guilds and high end players.

Let’s have a look at what Fury of War will bring as a Christmas present…

Lost Isle A new allod lvl 40+.

The Melting Isle and The Junes Catacombs: These are two new lvl 40+ PvP zones. The first, a large area free-for-all where huge and fierce battles will happen, being incentivated by the spawning of small and greater chests that can be looted by the one being able to claim ownership. The second, is a maze-like area that will change its layout each time it’s entered and in which groups will have to compete with other groups to defeat the two minibosses on the way to reach the final boss, in order to gain the best rewards. Competition is highly encouraged as you can see, but that’s not all.

Also two new levels, and what’s more a novelty, a Guild levelling system with rewards for each level reached. One of those rewards will be the right too fight in Astral Confrontation competing for the control of a new astral sector, split into 3 different tiers of 10 allods each. Guilds will be able to claim ownership of those allods or even a sector, but beware because other aspirants will be trying to snatch the ownership from you, forcing the owning guilds to defend their controlled allods.

If you’re interested in trying out Allods Online visit their site to download the game.