Trion Worlds Reveals New Classes and the Guardian Capital of Sanctum

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Trion Worlds is about to start its closed beta phase for its upcoming MMO Rift: Planes of Telara. A lot of information has been released, about this awesome-looking game, lately. As the beta comes closer, now, we have a juicy pack of new things to tell you, regarding what’s really new on RPOT.

As you can see above, the Guardian Capital of Sanctum has been revealed. This city takes its name from the holy Sanctum of the Vigil, a sacred temple where the priests summon riftspawn, to interrogate the monsters and know where the next rift will appear. This is the place where the Consecrators made their headquarters. This order is for agents that track cultists and monster to their own lairs. If you want to face the Defiant, this is the place to go. There you will be sent to battle the Guardian’s enemies immediately and you’ll seek glory on the battlefield. May you join the Guardian ranks and this will be your holy ground.

As well of the new city of Sanctum, Trion has revealed four new classes for its game. The new classes are the Shaman, Archon, Riftscaller and Paragon.

Shamans combat power relies on the elemental force of the icy north. Shamans bind this force to empower themselves, augmenting their attacks and making them strong melee combatants with shields and reactive healing. This class is able to deal a lot of damage quickly but lack other cleric abilities, so they could be in trouble when facing strong defense opponents.

“I am the vengeance of the north. Mine is the fury of the storm, the bite of the icy peaks, and I will rain retribution on those who threaten our way of life.”

Archons are a supportive class, stealing their opponents strength and converting that stolen energy into beneficial magic. This will help the group a lot, as they weaken the enemies and empowers their allies, a powerful combo. Archons, though, must spend their own life force to gain access to their enemy’s, being weak while the process takes place.

“With me by your side, no force on Telara can stop us.”

Paragons are a melee specialists, mastering the two weapons combat style and dealing devastating damage to their opponents. They suffer when facing healers that can outpace their damage output, so looks like this class should focus on damage dealing while other allies watch their health.

“Hone your mind, hone your blades, let nothing stand in your path to victory: this is the way of the Paragon.”

Riftstalkers bend the planes to gain benefits to their constitution, shifting in and out of the physical dimension, being an extremely competent defensive class. This is the class you want to put in front of powerful enemies, as they endure close combat like no others. If the combat lasts for long, though, they will loose efficiency, as they cannot harness planar energies for long.

“I walk in the space between here and there, and slip through the seams in reality to deliver a most timely death upon my enemies.”

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And that’s it, avid gamers, Rift: Planes of Telara goes further on its development. Next December, so close, the closed beta will start for the joy of many lucky players, that will have the chance of testing these new classes and visit the Sanctum, among other awesome places. Amazing.