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TSW Addon Spotlight is a weekly series about addons in The Secret World. Every week I will examine an addon and discuss what it brings to the game.

Before MMORPGs, there were MUDs, MUSHes, and door games. Does anyone remember Essex MUD, Mirrorworld, Legend of the Red Dragon? Sceptre of Goth, Realm of Angmar or GemStone? Have I dated myself by even asking that? Long before I had these amazingly massive online games to play, I was RPing with books and dice, and every now and again dialing in to my favorite bbs on my trusty old modem. Those were Ye Olden Days when it took all night just to download a few megs – while I have a great deal of nostalgia for games that were actually difficult, I definitely don’t miss those download speeds! But when it comes to RP, I find MMORPGs to be severely limiting in scope, and still prefer tabletop gaming. But The Secret World has managed something no other MMORPG has – I’ve actually been looking into TSW RP. Today’s Addon Spotlight is for the RP crowd – Acenth’s TSWRP.


This amazing little addon is a boon for roleplayers – it lets you create a profile for your character, that other people can see and react to. Want to let people know you’re looking for RP? You can do that. Want to let people know that your character is Chinese, even though you’re limited to 1 of 2 asian faces and probably look just like that guy over there who is Korean? You can do that. Want people to know that not only are you a bona fide Dragon, you were even born and raised in Seoul? You can do that, too.  There are separate spots for eyes, height, weight, nationality, age, birthplace, motto… and for the verbose there are blocks that function like a standard word processor for even more detail. You can even attach pictures! And it’s all accessible with a simple right click. Simply right click on someone, and a box will pop up that will either provide their details, or tell you they don’t have a TSWRP profile.  I remain amused at the option to tell them about TSWRP; with a click of the button TSWRP will send them a tell informing them about the joy that could be theirs, should they go and get it.

Sadly, despite running around Agartha for a few days looking, I didn’t manage to spot another TSWRP user, so I haven’t yet been able to see it on someone. But I suppose that’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack by closing your eyes and randomly grabbing at the pile. I could probably find someone if I went to a spot conducive to RP, like the Horned God in London. But I never remember when I’m actually there.

My absolute favorite part of this addon is the clothing manager. I am an absolute clothes horse when it comes to video games. I don’t care about getting the very best stats that I can on my gear, but I will spend hours and hours hunting down every item of clothing I can find. If I want a shirt that has a .0001% chance of dropping in a dungeon, you can bet I’ll be in that dungeon, running it as often as lockouts allow. This obviously means that my wardrobes are filled to bursting, and it can be a pain managing my outfits – but TSWRP lets me save and switch how I’m dressed with just a few clicks of my mouse! Even if you have no interest in RP, this little gem of an addon is worth it just for that. I wonder if Acenth could be convinced to make them separate for those who just want to change their clothes?

And Acenth continues working on its development, so I’m sure that even more awesome features will be coming to this addon in the future!

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