Aeria Games Begins ijji Games Acquisition by Absorbing Select Titles

Earlier this year, Aeria Games acquired game portal ijji Games with help from a capital investment firm. The merger of two game companies is never a fast one and this is no exception. To manage the menagerie of games between the two companies, Aeria decided to piecemeal the effort, bringing select titles into its systems over time. The company started with three of ijji Games’ action titles, A.V.A., Soldier Front and GunZ.

All three titles are now fully integrated into Aeria’s systems. Players with Aeria accounts, freely made, can transfer their ijji information including G-coin currency and existing characters. Going forward, Aeria will continue to integrate select games from NHN Corporation to increase its portfolio beyond the 30+ F2P titles currently on offer.

For those just hearing of the titles, A.V.A. is a tactical FPS set in a present-day alternate timeline with a robust competitive scene surrounding the game. Soldier Front is your more typical military themed FPS and GunZ, from the makers of Perfect World Entertainment’s upcoming monster hunting game RaiderZ, is an acrobatic third-person shooting game.

Not the type of consolidation I was expecting.

*Note* As of posting, the servers and website are down for all three titles.

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  1. They acquired Ijji through a deal with NHN part of which included NHN investing some captial into Aeria.

    Also, neither Ijji or Aeria are developers, they’re publishers.

    Also, calling AVA’s competitive scene (at least in Ijji’s service) robust is a bit of stretch. They’ve had 3-4 active leagues at the most at one time and for longest time there was really only one active tournament which went under after the guys running it lost interest.

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