I’m in love with The Secret World. I can admit it. I have my moments of frustration with it – such as every time I look at my ugly character – but by and large, this is one of the coolest MMOs that I’ve ever played. Today just got even better – Ragnar Tornquist, creative director of Funcom and senior producer of The Secret World, wrote up his very first State of the Game. And man oh man, is it an exciting jolt of news for anyone who is enjoying this game.

There is so much in store for TSW players, and I want to know more about all of it! One of the benefits of their questing system is that all new content is applicable to all characters – even if you have a character with top end gear, you can still go back to the very first zone in the game and quest for full xp – which means that all content is applicable to all characters. No more having to make a new character to enjoy all of the new quests and zones! So everything being announced can be enjoyed by everyone, new and old players alike.

    Some of the upcoming content includes:

  • Mission packs on a monthly basis!
  • New weapons!
  • Raids!
  • A player-versus-player dungeon in the early stages of planning!
  • Seasonal events!
  • Two large, new and incredibly exciting adventure zones! Complete with new missions, drops, lores and monsters!
  • More pets, better pets, and some cool surprises in store for pet owners!

For more detail, read Ragnar’s State of the Game post. He has also been active on the forums answering questions, in this thread.

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  1. And the barbershop/character customization shops are open starting next month. Let’s you and I both look forward to redoing our ugly characters!

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