The Secret World 1.0.1 Now Live


One of the worst things about enjoying an MMO is waiting for the servers to come back online after a patch or maintenance. I usually find a sort of combination between enthusiasm and worry while I read the patch notes, enthusiasm for all the bug fixes, and worry that they’ve “fixed” things I enjoy about the game. It seems to happen all to often, logging in after a patch to discover that radical changes have been made.

I am happy to report that the 1.0.1 update to The Secret World seems to be mostly filled with quest fixes. Rejoice! Many quests have had fixes with this morning’s update! Here are a few of the very welcome fixes:

  • The Urn for mission ‘The Black House’ should now always be present if you are on the right tier.
  • Ravens will now properly fly off during missions when they are supposed to.
  • Horror Show – Collecting cameras now awards group credit.
  • Taking the Purple : Made improvements to this to help ensure the ambushers will always spawn during tier 2.
  • “The Big Terrible Picture” in the Scorched Desert should now reset both the flames and crystals puzzles correctly.

For a complete list of the updates and changes, simply visit the official 1.0.1 patch notes. Here’s to hoping they stay fixed!

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