Turbine Entertainment Announces Second Expansion, Shadowfell Conspiracy

Adventurers in the growing world of Dungeons & Dragons Online we’ve big news for you. Turbine Entertainment has just announced that that Eberron is going to get much larger thanks to the MMORPG’s second expansion, Shadowfell Conspiracy. Players will be able to enter the new Forgotten Realms journey in summer 2013.

“Last year we expanded the world of DDO into the Forgotten Realms universe with the launch of our first expansion,” said Erik Boyer, Senior Producer of DDO.  “This year we’re introducing more content and making it even easier to experience the latest content with the introduction of Iconic Heroes that begin at level 15, allowing players to jump right into the action.”

Shadowfell Conspiracy is bringing players two new Adventure Packs, Wheloon and Stormhorns, introducing a prison city and treacherous mountain passes. The upcoming expansion will introduce iconic heroes to players of level 15 or higher. These prestige characters can be outfitted with iconic gear, customizable options and new abilities. Lastly, the level cap increase. Players will be able to attain Epic Level 28 and all the spells and abilities that come with the increase.

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