Turbine Showcases ‘Warbands,’ New Mob Type for Riders of Rohan

Lord of the Rings Online will be receiving is fourth expansion, Riders of Rohan on September 5. The gameplay addition that has most players salivating is the addition of doing battle upon your stead. To that end, Turbine Entertainment showed of the new Warband mob type today.

The all-new mob type will be roaming the plains en route to their nefarious deeds. The groups of riders are rare, but will easily chase down any unsuspecting adventurer. Only the fiercest and most respected riders enter warbands, making them incredibly difficult to overcome alone. The collection of riders are best meet in mounted combat alongside trusted allies.

The new enemy type did leave Turbine with a few loose ends, including the aggro radius of a warband. One would likely expect them to be more aggressive than others. Turbine overlooked detailing that – we’ve requested clarification – but the developer did discuss the addition of a new tapping system coming inside Riders of Rohan.

Warbands are not a single mob, instead the group is comprised of individuals that can be tapped by multiple people. Dubbed “open tapping” this enables multiple players, even those not grouped, to receive credit for kills, encouraging spontaneous support.

Hit the jump for a gallery of Warband badassery.