Two of My Favorite RPG Past Times Finally Coming To Rift (Patch v1.8)

I’ve been a sucker for fishing and cooking, or survival as its known in Rift, two new optional tradeskills being added in Patch v1.8, for as long as I could remember. Even in the single-player RPG days, I’d pick-up a fishing pole or cook a prize-winning dish for my party. They’re skills I’ve employed in real life, but digitally, they’ve offered something to do while there was nothing to do. The distraction while waiting for a raid, dungeon or PvP match to start made the downtime that much more tolerable. An occasional perk that a catch-of-the-day fish or perfectly plated smorgasbord offers were just that, a perk.

The min-maxer in me continues to enjoy the added bonuses. Yet, a streak of vanity, of wanting to stickĀ  out from the crowd by maxing out two often-ignored professions of many games, is just as much as a driving force. And now I can add it to Solidkieron‘s Rift repertoire!

Trion Worlds will be allowing all players to pick up a pole, apply a lure and fish out a variety of aquatic life and the occasional treasure. Survival is another new tradeskill that compliments fishing. The secondary tradeskills will teach players how to cook your daily catch into buff-inducing dishes for all. Furthermore, players will be able to construct portable camps, offering rest XP buffs, and other gear.

Sadly, Ascended can catch new companion pets while fishing. There goes the next few weekends…

Fishing: Cast your line and reel in the riches of Telara’s rivers, lakes, and oceans.

  • Catch fish, artifacts, and even new companion pets.
  • Explore Telara for the best chance at a rare catch!
  • Craft fishing poles and lures to catch the most elusive creatures of the deep.

Survival: Cook and craft items to rough it in Telara’s wilderness.

  • Prepare delicious meals that provide in-game buffs when consumed.
  • Take to the wild by crafting tents, bedrolls, and other utility items.