Unusual Pricing Model For All Points Bulletin; Release Date & Pre-Order Incentives Inside

In the early days of the Internet nerds were actually charged per hour for access to the tubes.  Some of you were probably still having your diapers changed when this occurred (looking at you, Heartbourne).  Me, well, I was beginning to realize that girls don’t have cooties!  I digress.  A paradigm shift in Internet monetization happened thanks companies like CompuServe and AOL.  These start-ups began offering a bajillion free hours of usage as incentive.  Finally, the numbers were trashed and the service became unlimited, but with a monthly cost.  This is the same format that many MMOGs have used since the ‘internet’ stopped being a capitalized word.

Everyone (in the West) was happy with a subscription model initially.  Then more publishers and developers began paying attention to the lucrative genre.  As time has rolled on, additional companies have attempted to make a mark, from AAA endeavors to niche games with dedicated fans.  Us consumers began having to make hard choices.  Do we subscribe to MMOG A or MMOG B?  Both?  But then we run the risk of not getting our “worth” from the subscription fees.  What to do…

Electronic Arts and Realtime Worlds is taking the high ground for All Points Bulletin.  Subscription-minded players can do just that for only $9.99 a month (discounts for three and six month packages).  Interested in making APB your second, or third MMOG?  Then the pay-as-you-go method is for you.  Additional 20 hours chunks will run players $6.99.

APB will not offer 30 days of free play.  Realtime Worlds changes the payment game again by including 50 hours of “action game time” as part of the initial purchase.  That’d be your questing, maiming, murdering and bounty-hunting time.  Taking a page out of Global Agenda’s book, the customization and social aspects described in the PAX East preview are free, forever. It looks like we’re finally seeing a divergence arise in payment structures for mass-market MMOG, niche and AAA alike.

APB will be available June 29. Early adopters receive a bonus ten hours of action play, access to pre-launch events and exclusives emotes, decals, clothing, even a vehicle.  Beta sign-ups are still open.  APB is available for pre-order at Amazon now.

Tempted by having options and the segregation of content?


  1. I feel like if I were to play this game I would constantly be worried about how much action time I had left. I would probably stand around social areas trolling it up. I think a model like this kind of feels like a step backwards, but I’ll have to try it before judging it.

  2. It’s alright, but for the most part, I would prefer something that’s more necessary than they see.

    A CHOICE, between how I Want to play.

    Weather I Want to have limited in game time, or Action Points, should be MY descision.

    It’s one of the greatest flaws of business as I see it, they don’t give the customer enough options.

  3. Lol! If we really need to pay monthly it’s worthless game!
    You pay money to get the game, then you’ll need to pay even MORE money to play this crap!
    I LOVE how the game look’s and how it is… Have seen podcast on youtube! Just fucking love it! But monthly pay ? :( Then it’s make the game just sink LOW!

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