For the Hoard 4.1 – Culling of the Bronze Drake

It’s one of the quickest ways to upgrade your fresh level 80’s flying mount to something much, much cooler: the Bronze Drake.

Yes, this drake is probably the most common one found in game, but that doesn’t take away from its beauty. Many alts and recent level-capped players will find amazement and excitement when they win a roll for the bronze drake. Join me on this episode of For the Hoard for a speed run through the Culling of Stratholme as I celebrate my first dragon mount.

EDIT – After some temporary downtime to fix the audio in this video, it is now back up and ready to be viewed. You should now be able to hear my “Pixie” voice :)


  1. Me and some friends are going to farm it this weekend as I don’t have it yet. A little constructive crit if I may. I see the resolution of the video is much improved from your first one but trying to her that cute “pixie” voice over the game sounds, especially in battle is hard to do. But keep em coming..:)

  2. I got 8 alts with that mount and only 3 have epic flying :P.

    On an unrelated note, I’m kinda surprised non of you guys have covered the new changes to the Badge system in cataclysm.

  3. I’m so sad D: the first time I was in CoS Nobody had it and I lost it. Then the next time I won it and was so happy :D but now everyone gets it due to the LFG system and its not super special :l

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