US Black Prophecy Open Beta Begins Tomorrow

The Black Prophecy US open beta is set to kick off tomorrow. ¬†While Black Prophecy has been available to European players since March 21st of this year, the US version has been in closed beta testing. ¬†While no official launch date has been announced for the US version, it’s important to note that the EU open beta lasted less then a month, 21 days to be exact, so if all goes well, the US launch of Black Prophecy should be late June or early July.

For those of you interested in signing up to the US open beta, head over to the Black Prophecy website tomorrow.


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  1. Its ok, I played Open Beta Europe. For 2 weeks. Logged in one day, my entire character was wiped. I do not know if I was hacked or it was internal error. Then I saw the cash shop, and there was someting about paying for 30 days of character slots, wasn’t to sure if it was related to my wipe…but at this point, didnt care, removed from hard drive, dont really miss it.

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