Vindictus Releases New Launch Trailer

Nexon has recently launched its action MMO Vindictus in North America. With the release of the game, we enjoyed several media, related to this hack-and-slash with awesome graphics and physics game. Seems, though, that is not enough for this publisher, so they decided to gift us all with a new amazing trailer.

This new trailer is called The Way Out. On it, you can admire the excellence of the environment design, the awesome graphics… while you listen to a story of a desperate people, trying to find salvation and the paradise lost. One could really think this is like a movie trailer, in fact, despite it shows videogame graphics, it looks like it, exactly. I must give my congratulations to Nexon, cause this new media really makes me want to play.

Have a look and you’ll see.

I told you. Now, if you’re in one of the lucky continents where Vindictus is available (not in Europe) don’t loose the chance and kick some… well, that. Of course, we would love you to post your comments about Vindictus, go ahead!

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  1. Nexon is a joke!!!! They ALLOW! hackers. I’m so glad I didn’t pay any real money. And I feel sry for those who have. Just to find people hack and steal the same thing and ruin it for everybody else. Nexon should be ASHAMED and shut down immediatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will be contacting as much media as possible, local news,websites etc,

    Paul Turner.

    Spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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