Warcraft Film Begins Shooting

Seems like the Warcraft film is finally a real live thing. If all the recent activity, including various starring roles being discussed and a panel at BlizzCon 2013. Director Duncan Jones and Co. are holding to the January date for filming. In fact, the news comes straight from the director himself by way of his Twitter account.

Going to start shooting the movie tomorrow. Crikey! Better find my specs!

That’s assuming of course that “the movie” is the unnamed Warcraft project. Safe be, methinks. If you missed our Twitter coverage of the BlizzCon panel – how dare you! – then the details are as follows. The film will be set in the recent past, focusing on the humans vs. orcs storyline presented in the original Warcraft. As such, it’ll feature the likes of Anduin Lothar and Durotan.

The highly-anticipated and long-in-development film is scheduled for a March 2016 opening