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((Welcome to WatchNET, an ongoing segment where we dive deeper into the stories of each the characters of Overwatch. Follow the life of a man of anonymity who calls himself “Candor”. Always dark until he pops up on the holo-feeds, he interrupts news segments to bring people the truth of the real faces of justice! “Candor” may be a bit extreme and somewhat vain, but he is just another vigilante trying to do some good in a world that is submerged in chaos. The below is based in canon. Fair warning, some of what comes out is stretched and very much in speculation. Candor considers  it “The Truth”. Your mileage may very.))

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Gabriel Reyes


Gabriel Reyes  Codename: “Reaper

Affiliations: Leader of Overwatch’s Black OPS division known as BLACKWATCH, TALON

Known Accomplices: Ana Amari, Jesse Mccree, SOMBRA, Angela “MERCY” Ziegler, Reinhardt Wilhelm, “SOMBRA”, Jack Morrison, and the alleged Amélie Lacroix “WIDOWMAKER”

Strengths: As far as we know, “Reaper” has been the butt of a joke in which even death itself cannot stop him. His ideals of hate fuel his drive to break the will of his enemies. Almost as if he sucks up the very souls that fuels theirs. It is believed that the REAPER’s cellular state is at a hyperactive level causing them to rapidly degenerate and regenerate again in a matter of moments. The Reaper has the ability to phase into a smoke like state, allowing him to phase through any material, including but not limited to high speed projectiles.

Weaknesses: Between phasing shifts, he is left vulnerable for a split second. If you can find the pillar of reddish-black smoke a well placed sniper shot can take him out as soon as he starts to move.


This “being” of mortality, that is if he even still lives, is the very top of the most dangerous people to walk the planet list, and is the cause for hundreds if not thousands of lives, both Omnic and Human alike. Shortly after the disbar and disbandment of Overwatch, it is said that Gabriel Reyes was responsible for the explosion that claimed the life of Overwatch’s commander Jack Morrison and the base of operations in Switzerland. Reyes himself was also said to have been the only other causality in the blast. Sources claim he resurrected from the grave simply to put people back in it.

Gabriel Reyes, once hero and now villain, is allegedly the man behind the mask of the infamous Reaper we’ve come to know as the dark shadow whose sole purpose in life is to usher former Overwatch agents to their graves, but why? For certainty we cannot prove that this is his sole purpose or if Reaper and Reyes are the same person. Let’s not forget the matter of why he would do this in the first place.

Welcome, my listeners, newcomers and old comers. If you’ve tuned in at this the hour of fate, you will yet again be graced to hear the words of a true believer of heroics. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Candor and I come to you live tonight in my secret lair of operations again to fill your holo-reels with the TRUTH and nothing but. In tonight’s show I’ve decided to tackle Overwatch’s darkest corners. A man, or myth, who has been dubbed the Reaper by many who have survived his murderous slaughter sprees. But are the stories true or do we, the innocent bystanders, really know the whole story behind what lead to Overwatch’s disbanding? An action which left the world’s only hope for peace in the hands of fate. Let us dive deeper than what we know, and open up our minds to a man who may still have a heart of gold.

People have described him as a shadow caste from death, and that he has the power to suck the very soul out of his victims from his twin hellfire shotguns he holds closely to his heart, but I have indisputable evidence that this “Reaper” of death is not who he appears to be, and still he is but a man yearning for redemption. This evidence comes from two simple words of repetition. Repent. Repent.Reaper_portrait

We received a tip earlier this week from a viewer of the show who was able to snag an up close shot of the Reaper holding his trademark “scythes”. Inscribed on each hand cannon were the letters RPNT. The image to the right shows you the startling discovery. Sadly, we do not know the state of the cameraman who was able to snap a still so close to Death himself. We can only pray for his safety, but I fear the worst. Death has nothing to lose.

It is not for the faint of heart but behold my fine followers of truth! Before you are the Scythes of Death, yet instilled into them are an inscription of a much holier design! But words can only mean so much to a man with such tools that they can extract the very essence of a person, be they man, machine, or monkey, but I leave it for you to judge his true character. As for me, I will see him for who he truly is, a man on a mission to save this world making the harder choices that in the end will mean peace for all people who live on Earth.

I know, I know, without the proper sources, one cannot merely claim that the being known as Reaper is the late Gabriel Reyes, but questions still left unanswered to the mysterious deaths that follow in his wake, and the suspicious affiliations he wishes himself to be seen conspiring with, leave this speaker of justice wondering.

The time committed to this transmission has all but expired, and just yet may be cut at any moment, but remember heroes, that often there can no honor in the truth, but someone must speak it. Until Overwatch returns some day, stay safe…

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