Is There Such a Thing as TooManyGames?

TMG26On June 25th, ITZKooPA and I visited the TooManyGames convention at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. What I love about this convention is that you are surrounded by people who genuinely LOVE games. The atmosphere is always positive and inviting with fellow gamers surrounding you. Some conventions, such as PAX, always focus on the new and upcoming games. TooManyGames finds it niche in history. It really hits home with nostalgic games for old systems, and new games from indie developers who you can tell used the classics as inspiration.

The majority of the floor is for vendors. TooManyGames gets its name because, literally, there is (almost) too many games. If you are a collector, or even just on a hunt for an old favorite you really miss, you are in the right place. There are rows and rows of games, including modded games which bring you translated imports to play on your consoles. There are also tons of vendors selling their handmade crafts. You will see custom Nerf guns inspired by Gears of War, Amiibos zombified, amazing pixel art, and SO much more. Did I mention plushies? So many adorable plushies. Everywhere.

For the rest of the convention, they had a section for developers to show off their indie games, and we had a blast trying them out. Next to the indie games was an area for card games and board games, and these were filled with fans as well. You could easily get lost in the large room that had different consoles to play, and tons of arcade games to try out. TooManyGames also had a room for concerts and special events, and yet another room for panels!

I would definitely recommend any gamer to come and check this convention out. Everything from the games to the crafts to the homemade cosplay, shows how much everyone inside this one space is so passionate about gaming; and it rules. Even if you can only make it for one day check it out. But if you do go for the whole event you won’t miss any of the rad bands or unique panels they have. Big ups to TooManyGames, can’t wait to go next year!