Welcome to Lore Hound.

Well hello there, Lore Hounds.

Somehow, you have found our site. Congratulations. We hope that you like what we bring to the gaming community and spend some time looking around.

Actually, there’s not a ton of looking around you can do yet, but that will be changing very soon. Lore Hound, as you can see, is still in its beta phase. We’re all excited to be bringing you guys content, mostly focusing on MMOGs but branching into other areas of gaming as well.

So we decided to go ahead and get the site moving with content, and we’ll fix up the layout as soon as we can.

So, what is all this fabulous content? Well, we’ve actually got a ton of great stuff planned. Expect to see: innovative video content, live game-play streaming, exciting visits to top gaming conventions, conversational podcasts, discussions on game design, retrospective blogging and, as our name suggests, looks at the storytelling behind game lore.

Gaming websites should be fun. We believe that analysis, straight-up news and play-by-play guides aren’t worth your time if they don’t provide some entertainment value. Lore Hound seeks to bring all that, and then some. Site visitors will hear about all their favorite MMOGs and get a chance to read and watch engaging, first-hand accounts of the games that they have yet to try.

Watch out, gaming world. Change is coming. And here are the members of the five-person team behind the site:

  • Cavin Smith, aka Amatera
  • Timothy Tusing, aka Heartbourne
  • Patrick Mulhern, aka iTZKooPA
  • Brandon Sato, aka Juggynaut
  • Christa Desrets, aka pixiestixy

You may recognize this group from a past venture with which we all were involved. But now we’re moving past that and aiming to bring you something even better. We were united by a shared love of World of Warcraft, but will persevere with the collective goal to conquer all MMOG evil.

Cheer us on. You’re all Lore Hounds now.


  1. Welcome to the InterWebZ! Glad the core group of bloggers is sticking together. You have a loyal following and I am proud to count me as one. Bookmarking now…… ahhhh

  2. Awsome guys so glad you all stuck togeather. Been waiting for a new site to come up and I can’t wait till you guys get going on videos and your podcast again. Great to have you guys back and keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!

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