1. This brings up a good point, and something you may wish to blog about. As the MMORPG market becomes saturated with newer games, and as the genre ages, people are becoming more and more picky about what they’ll accept from a new MMORPG.

    There’s already a status quo for MMORPGs and (unfortunately?) it’s WoW. If you can’t differentiate yourself from that game, why would anyone want to play your offering? Setting your game in a Sci-Fi universe just isn’t enough if you still rely on mob/quest grinding for advancement.

    People have seen it, done it, and now they’re bloody well bored of it.

  2. Yeah I was thinking bout canceling as well. I’m bout 10 hours into the game. Veterans- I think we can smell a grind in the first hour or two of play. I dunno, I might try to stick it out til level 10 at least. I like some things about it tho like the combat. but so burned out on grinding. And now that MASS EFFECT is out i really dont have much reason to play an MMO.

    Thank you mmorpg genre, you made me appreciate single player RPGs to a whole new level lately. I’ve always liked SP RPGs but now I really love them like no tomorrow

  3. Yup. Agreed. After 2 years of WOW i was looking forward to another MMO where Grind wasn’t the only option. I generally dont like to be forced to play in groups to progress and the structure of tabula rasa requires that if i want to solo i have to grind way up before i can deal with a lot of the content. after about 10 hours i was like WTF i don’t need another crap grinding job. I already quit wow because of that…i’l be damned if i play another mediocre game that forces me to grind grind grind grind grind. And the lack of official forums really put me off too. thats just idiotic that you have to hunt all over the net for info and a community to discuss topics on the game with. I guess they thought that a forum that was tied to that game would be full of people complaining about the SAME OLD GRIND! their loss.

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