Why is Anyone Grinding Gear Ahead of Warlords of Draenor?

lh_wow_ubrs_level_90_grinding_ilvlI never understood the reasoning behind massive returns shortly before an MMORPG expansion. For the most part, everything previous to the expansion is simply abandoned. Content, gear, storylines, freaking everything. Without events like the Operation Gnomeregan or the devastation of all of Azeroth (thanks, Deathwing), which were fantastic ideas, there’s zero reason from a story standpoint. Gear, well, that’s usually even more pointless as anything you earn, even the pimpest of epics, is quickly replaced by quest gear or your early leveling dungeons. My days of slaving over vanilla World of Warcraft epics for the first green from a quest may have traumatized me forever. Bitter may even be applicable.

Before I continue, let me point out that I completely understand the completionist angle. I get it, people like achievements, seeing the finality of what they’ve worked towards in MoP and all that. And, frankly, it’s insanely easy to do some of the more difficult challenges now so why not take advantage. Still, it’s not my cup of tea, but a reasonable excuse for those looking for something to do.

I guess that’s my guild is asking me to gear up to tackle some of those challenges. Sure ilvl 463 is pretty pathetic even if I have only been back for a week. In fact, it’s so poor that I can’t get into most raids. Hence the request. But again, I don’t care about such achievements. I don’t take much credit in beating something after it’s been made trivial through far superior gear, new buffs or class changes that nerf the content.

All they really had to do was tell me that I needed new gear to do the preview build of UBRS. Upper Blackrock Spire is my jam, so off I go. Farming Timeless Isle chest, LFR and more to run level 90 UBRS before the true Warlords of Draenor version is released November 13. God damn, I am such a sucker (and sad that vanilla UBRS and it’s epic runs will be no more).