WildStar Receiving Promised Content Patch Soon (Video)

Weeks after the successful, if expectantly rocky, launch of WildStar Carbine Studios has detailed plans for its first major content patch. The Strain content patch looks to deliver on a promise Chad Moore made to me during our open beta livestream interview. In said interview Chad mentioned that Carbine is sitting on an entire expansion worth of content that it’ll trickle out as the community’s appetite consumes it.

The Nexus is about to get a little roomier, deadlier and more interesting thanks to the first major content patch. Brighthaven is a massive new zone featuring ridiculous mobs from Globellum (Mario & Luigi reference?). New solo content includes a tower-defense style game, Guardians of the Grove, and additional dungeon-like encounters. There will also be Strain themed loot and housing items to get your customization on and modifications to existing areas, such as the Northern Wilds becoming a crash site rechristening it as the Northern Wastes.

Hit the jump for the latest absurd trailer from the mad genius’ in Carbine’s cinematics department, new screens and the timeline for The Strain’s rollout.

Upcoming Strain Rollout Schedule:

  • 6/24 – Information regarding locations; Blighthaven and Northern Wastes
  • 6/26 – Information regarding new housing plugs, costumes, dyes, emote, hoverboard and mount
  • 6/30 – Strain DevSpeak video
  • Week of 6/30 – Strain goes live, patch notes

We’ll have more as it drops. In the meantime, you can spend a while F5ing over on the dedicated Strain minisite.