WildStar Wednesday Gives You the Spellslinger

It’s WildStar Wednesday, and that means a new DevSpeak video! To check it out, as well as all the previous videos, simply visit the WildStar YouTube channel and soak in the WildStar goodness. The newest class on the lineup has been announced; The Spellslinger – a deadly assassin wielding dual pistols. This sounds like my kind of class. A cowboy hat wearing, dual pistol wielding, teleporting assassin – with some healing, crowd control and monster-swapping thrown in for even more actiony goodness.

Watch for more details this weekend – Carbine will be hosting a Twitch livestream showing off how the Spellslinger plays as well as going into a bit more on the feel of the class on the Wildstar Twitch Channel. You’ll be able to check that out on Saturday, at noon PT.

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