Wondering About MechWarrior Online? Here’s the First Gameplay Video

To say the MechWarrior franchise is storied would be a massive understatement. Part of the BattleTech universe, the precursor to the MechWarrior brand in the gamer conscious came by way of Westwood Studios, this blogger’s favorite studio when he was worried about cooties. Fast forward to 1994 and the first MechWarrior is released to the 8-bit gaming world. For many, it wasn’t until the series headed to PCs that it made a name for itself, furthered by a return to console.

Twenty three years after debuting, Piranha Games is finally ready to begin detailing the multiple title ahead of its 2012 release. MechWarrior Online! Piranha Games allows gamers to enter the vertical tanks and unleash all sorts of carnage on one another, from powerful lasers to missile assaults. The battles in these futuristic war machines are rarely the same thanks to changing terrain. Player customization, territorial control and intel warfare round out the offerings of the upcoming free-to-play game.



  1. I dunno,
    Really its just a slow paced FPS where they just stand and slug it out.

    Put people in fast sapceships, with same array of weapons you get a faster paced game, more action, more freedom of movement …… mechs just seem like the lazy programmers sci fi shooter.

    Or is it just me?

  2. yes i guess that was a little redundant.
    @ Xaras. yes it is a slow based fps, but its more about strategy, weapons, armor terrain, and everything else in between. like me for example, i like the smaller faster mechs, where as someone else would prefer the huge slower goliath mechs. now if we fought head on i would be demolished in a blink. but the strategy is for me to weave in around him, get in close and avoid his attacks. and vice versa. the goliath would want to stay farther at range and just blast a hail of munitions at his apponet
    sn- spellcheck anyone.lol

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