World of Dragons: Have Your Phone & Level Too!

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Everyone loves free things, especially free games.  Honestly, I think they make the world go round.  Now for all MMO lovers that know this, you’re probably wondering why you’re here.  Where is this free stuff you ask?  Well before I get to that, let me throw an idea into your head (like an inception *hehe*).  Now don’t hate me or love me too much for using this game as an example, but what if I told you that as of now you can bring your level 80 troll hunter with you wherever you go.  What if I told you that a cross platform MMO was possible.  What if I told you that I just lied and I’m not actually talking about World of Warcraft at all.  Well it’s true, I’m not talking about WoW so you can all stop getting your hopes up.  Now out of everything I just said, there was some truth to the matter.

CorsairBand’s latest MMO, World of Dragons (not Warcraft), is a free to play MMO that you can play on your computer with over a 100,000 other players in game.  Now why did I say “on your computer”?  Obviously MMO’s are meant to be played on a computer with your friends.  Well that’s where CorsairBand proves you all wrong and introduces the first MMO that will allow you to take it on your cellphone!  Now you can battle demons and level your characters wherever you go!  Is this a good thing?  I’m actually not too sure.  Well, good thing or not, it’s still awesome!

The game is available on both systems right now! So head on over to the website by clicking here, and sign yourself up for some epic dragon slaying!  Be sure to download the game onto your cellphone as well as your computer.  Don’t let this cool innovative concept go to waste!  If all goes well, maybe you might even see some larger MMO’s try this approach in the future.  If were lucky, Blizzard’s latest MMO might just be a cellphone game! (but lets hope not….)

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