E3 2010: The Contest (Win E3 SWAG)

SWAG, or Stuff We All Get, is often the prized possession of those that attend the yearly mayhem known as E3.  Lucky (and incredibly tired) attendees walk away from the show with an extra suitcase full of knick-knacks, trinkets, dodads and trifles.  Games are plastered on to all forms of odd ties-in, F3AR water bottles, Bethesda Softworks zip-up hoodies, Global Agenda buttons, SOE hipster hats, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online playing cards.  You name it, someone has done it.

I’m not gloating about all of the awesome kitsch I picked up.  I am trying to get you pumped for it.  Why?  Because we at Lore Hound are giving it all away!  Seriously, watch the video above if you don’t believe me.  I’ll wait.

Done? Excellent.  The scavenger hunt is straightforward.  You must locate my thick black glasses in each of of the E3 2010 videos (links below).  Upon spotting my spectacles note the timestamp and location of the glasses.  Jot down all of the times and locations, then e-mail the list over to admin_at_lorehound_dot_com (expanded to combat SPAM) with the Subject as E3 2010: The Contest.  The first three readers to do so correctly will win a subset of the pictured swag (below).

Be warned, you’ll need superb Where’s Waldo and Highlights skills.  The glasses are incredibly well hidden or only in the frame for a few seconds during some videos!

E3 2010 coverage (use this to complete your email):

  1. Rift: Planes of Telara (time: ; location: )
  2. End of Nations (time: ; location: )
  3. Global Agenda (time: ; location: )
  4. Battle of the Immortals (time: ; location: )
  5. Forsaken World (time: ; location: )
  6. Heroes of Three Kingdoms (time: ; location: )
  7. Lord of the Rings Online (time: ; location: )
  8. DC Universe Online (time: ; location: )
  9. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (time: ; location: )
  10. The Agency (time: ; location: )
  11. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (time: ; location: )
  12. Jumpgate Evolution (time: ; location: )
  13. TERA (time: ; location: )

A post will be made when the winners are crowned.


  1. That must be some high quality post-editing, Heartbourne.
    That’s a really convincing shirt logo :P

  2. I’m not sure if you wanted the links in the email, since I just wrote out the section where you put ‘E3 2010 coverage (use this to complete your email)’ because they weren’t copying/pasting very well. If you need me to resend it in a different format, please tell me.
    Another great contest! Hopefully I can do slightly better at winning this one =P

  3. aww… a competition theres nearly no chance of me winning….
    Visual Impairment is a biatch sometimes :((

    Being registered blind doesnt make things like this easy.
    I can see well enough to play a few games, with a few conscessions (larger fonts and UI, and a few other modifications), plus I have to play less than a foot away from a 32 inch screen :(
    (I play WoW a lot tho, as a hunter. My guildies love the irony, lol)
    Giving it a go tho. Gotta push myself.

    so far I haven’t found 1, 5, 6, and 11 atm…eyes hurt…must stop…

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