1. I Do bet they will place WoS AFTER starcraft 2,and Diablo should stop alreddy on developing.Im not sure how the game is or how it looks like,i never played the game and i never am willing too. WoW Will Probably also Stay Connected to WoS(Tarcraft) cuz the ods are huge. I mean,if you think about it,the magic of azeroth could cause the giant-ass spaceships of the Terrans and Protoss to Go haywire,and even the warp-thingy could be caused soem damage because of that. Like an EMP charge on a robot in a SF game. ^.^

  2. 10 years is a big period for Blizzard not to announce the “World of Starcraft”, so I think you are playing it safely. However, I am certain that Diablo III will come out before any StarCraft MMO. If that happens, I would choose the Ghost to snipe my enemies, hehehe.

  3. So I would love to see an MMORPG of Starcraft come out, and soon, but it wont happen. In fact if it does come out in the next few years it probably wont be very good. I mean look at Star Trek Online. They threw it together real fast when they found out that people wanted a space exploration MMO, and it was pretty bad. And even World of Warcraft isn’t that great in some aspects. The PvP is horrible. I just hope that if “World of Starcraft” does come to fruition, that people take their time on it and make it a really, REALLY good game.

  4. So this article is 3 years old. I wonder would you still have written it knowing what you know today? Seeing as Blizzard have confirmed that their next mmorpg will be for a new IP your odds of being right are low.

    However there is a chance that this new IP wont live up to Blizzards internal standard in which case they would probably default to one of their old IPs. The starcraft2 storyline and mission gameplay does seem to prepare a little bit for such a transition, with the hero missions that even feature a real boss fight, and Kerrigans story of setting the zerg free (forsaken parallel?). Three faction mmorpg: protoss, terran and infested zerg terran; – I could see it happening still.

  5. Although if it did happen it would probably be in the year 2010 + 2*1.5 (2 starcraft expansions) + 4 years (wow’s development time) = 2017, which is exactly 10 years since you wrote this article =)

  6. You calculated date for the end of WoW’s development time, so i guess you’ll have to add Star Craft MMO development time, no? So it is less and less likely for this MMO to come out.

    Oh, and yes. If you want it to be really good i think you should add few more years for this game to progress, comunity to develop, ideas for all new and unique things to come and of course, somehow making it different from WoW.

    As of what i think, this is hardly going to happen in the nearest or a little longer period of time if WoW(+exp),D3(+exp,ppbly),SC2(+exp,ppbly) are not going to go down.

    My curiousity for how long will this conversation be dead again is really gigantic.

    But for now, take care all of you, and i am awaiting my copy of the game (since you give 50$ for announcement not the game).

  7. I dont really think that blizzard would go for the mmo from starcraft because Starcraft has a major following as an RTS game, and by starting a starcraft MMO, they would be alienating a lot of avid players.

    Although I do see maybe some spin off MMOFPS or some sort of combo sort of like savage, but I really don’t think the WoW approach would work for starcraft. Maybe release a game that has elements of an MMO and a RTS or something original and completely new but still tied to starcraft lore.

    P.S. I hope u keep your promise

  8. Well, they could do it kind of simillar as it is in DoW2, there is one single mission that is kind of “co=op”. And what i mean is… umm.. more or less creating WoW (SC ver) in RTS, when there are some types of heroes and items, as well as levels and some abilities, it wouldn’t need so much work as for whole world creation, and it could work out very well.

    I am still not sure if you understand what i mean, hopefully yes, if not, maybe i will explain it later, maybe.

  9. Since I was a small kid, I really loved playing Starcraft especially Starcraft II with awesome graphics and 3D effects.

    It’s so cool to play an MMO version of Starcraft II the coolest RTS ever!

  10. I’ll take that action. Blizzard’s already cooking another MMO based on a new IP. World of Starcraft, as cool as it would be (I would absolutely rock a Terran Space Marine with some kind of DPS spec), just isn’t happening.

  11. Why don’t one of you create a game like starcraft except free and maybe different enough that you don’t get sued.

  12. I am still waiting for this to happen so I can get my free copy :3 I can’t believe I’ve watched this page for over 4 years. That’s forever in internet time

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