1. Well they are hiring Next Gen MMO positions so that could very well be WoS it would be interesting how it would fair against WoW though.

  2. With starcraft 2 already announced, odds are the next MMO they announce would probably be one in the diablo universe. Unless they decided to release both a world of starcraft and starcraft 2 around the same time resulting in many people overdosing on starcrafty goodness and losing whatever social lives they have left after WoW!

  3. I thought their big announcement at blizzcon was going to be a starcraft mmo so i am with you on this. I’m holding your deal to you too btw ; )

  4. I would prolly have to agree with you on the starcraft MMO but ill still take you up on your deal due to the fact that I wouldn’t play anything by blizz with the title world of{insert any} if i had to pay for it with my own money. Only if i got it free would i give it a chance only cause I know they would announce the world and give us a downtown block in {insert bad neighborhood here}.

    Not that I don’t think they are a good company or that they produced a craptastic product. But it promised so much more of what I wanted in an mmo and then turn it into a senseless greedy raid fest.

    I remember hearing about the possibility of burning enemy towns down and such .(dream on now)

  5. Diablo Online maybe?

    Though SCO would make more sense. I assume we’ll find out next year what it is they’re up to, or whenever another Blizzcon is held.

  6. I would hope to see WoS before WoD(iablo), based purely on the fact that there’s a lot more room for development in the science-fiction MMORPG genre.

    They should probably diversify their MMORPG offerings because WoW won’t hold the throne for long (you can do eeeeet, Warhammer Online!). Financially, it makes more sense to turn Starcraft into an MMORPG…

    Just think how much money they would have made of a Warcraft 4 RTS game if they sold the same amount of copies as they did for WoW. A lot of money, sure… but think of how much WoW is generating on a monthly basis!

    8m people x $14.99 per month = a crapload of cash… Selling an RTS is a one-shot deal.

  7. Makes a lot of sense for them to produce a World Of Starcraft MMORPG – the potential is HUGE! However, the thought of a Diablo MMORPG is even more enticing for me…

  8. That’s a massive ‘if this site is still around…’ caveat but you can stick my name down!

    A real can’t-lose situation – either a free copy of the game or fifty bucks (which will probably be worth the equivalent of twenty bucks by then…). FOR WINNERS.

  9. In high school, I used to play a lot of Starcraft, which is why I’m fairly excited for the upcoming Starcraft 2 game.

  10. The second this game comes out i’ll be playing it no matter what else is out at the time. Heres to hoping the site is still up so I can play for free =)

  11. Who wouldnt want to play it? Developed by blizzard but scifi based instead of fantasy based. I know for sure I would want to play

  12. Nice site… I’ve been reading all your posts and they’re greeat… and WHO CAN REFUSE A FREE COPY OF WORLD OF STARCRAFT? NOT ME – Count me in.

  13. If the new MMORPG that blizzard is currently working on is Starcraft, the offer is only valid until the official announcement or reputable leak. And only for the first 50 responces.

  14. LOL, I am signing up on this thread. I do believe its going to be a star craft mmo, everyone is getting sick of elves, orcs and dwarves. The sci fi area is in desperate need of a casual MMO. I just hope they add some kind of space travel with it, this ships were awesome for its time.

  15. i agree with you. i think there will be a starcraft MMO in the next 10 years, probably within 1-3 years. I can’t wait to hear more about this and to see if its official. Hopefully there’s gonna be an in-space battle section in the game or space travel. And I’m also posting to get a free copy of the game. :P

  16. anyone who actually believes blizzard would develop world of starcraft any time soon is obviously challenged in their understanding of business and mmo’s. let’s think about this for a moment. who would be the very first people who would be the most inclined to open a world of starcraft subscription? you guessed it, the people playing warcraft now! if you know anything about being an mmo player, you know it’s relatively uncommon for someone who plays mmo’s to hold two active subscriptions for a lengthy period of time. pouring their resources into a title that would attract a subscriber base that would HUGELY overlap with the base of their own mmo would be quite plainly completely and utterly stupid, from a business perspective (yes that’s right, i know its hard to believe but the reason companies develop mmo’s is to make money… not so you can zone out every night til 7am and then complain about changing this, nerfing that, and not buffing you). a starcraft mmo, as much of a dream as it is for so many, would cannibalize their own subscriber base to such a degree that it would never justify spending the 10’s of millions of dollars + developing it, when there are so many other choices and opportunities.

  17. No one expect it to come out soon. WOW is about 4 yrs old now and even if they announced a starcraft MMO today it probably wouldn’t be released for another 2 years maybe longer. That puts WOW at 6 yrs old and regardless of how successful it is people will be leaving to play other newer MMOs, so why not leave to play another MMO by Blizzard and keep your customers.

  18. I seriously hope that they are considering this. Blizzard subscribers are slowly trickling away to differnt games. I played WoW for 3 years and I too need a change of pace–Even if that change of pace is WoW with a space helmet and ray gun. You gotta admit, they make some pretty good games—even if you get sick of them after awhile.

    Can I have my $50 dollars in advance?

  19. back in middle school i used to come home and play starcraft like everday now im almost out of highschool and i have moved on to bigger and better things (world of warcraft) MMO’s took over most of my gaming after i started playing them and the very idea of running around world of starcraft as a ghost is so amazing to me it seems like it would be a truly amazing idea. I can’t even figure out a reason why blizzard would not want to release it it would make so much money.

  20. Honestly i think all we have to do with blizz is look to the past to see the future. Mind you, everything is just pure speculation on my part.

    Starcraft 2 is announced and hyped for about 6 months. Right around launch time Blizz announces Wrath of the Lich king. This we know for fact.

    I think about a year to a year and a half after SC2 we are going to see StarCraft2:[expansion name here]. Much the way they have always operated with their RTS games. It’s just good business, you milk the cash cow for all it’s worth.

    About a year to a year and a half after the SC2:[expansion], and countless more novels, and comic books, we will finally get an announcement that Worlds of Starcraft is in the works. But they wont give you anything but a few tastey demo’s for about another year to year and a half. This will renew interest in the RTS versions, due to the fact that people want to be well versed, and the younger crew that were still in diapers when we were glued to our PC’s playing the original will go out and invest in the games.

    Finally after the fervor that the announcement generated wears off WoS will be released.

    All of this is from a purely business stand point. My friends it’s all about working the crowd.

    So in my humble opinion I would guess at a fall 2010 announcement.

  21. I seriously doubt that I will even consider playing a world of starcraft when I was finally released from my WoW addiction I can hardly even look at the monster that it blizzard anymore.

  22. I would gladly succumb to the monster that blizzard has become if it means I can activate my personal cloaking device with a few highly trained guildmates, sneak rows past sunken colonies, and blow the brains out of hapless drones before being torn to bits by airborne acid shot from the viscous faces of burrowed hydralisks. I mean, it’s amazing enough to watch from above, I can’t even imagine how it would feel to do it first person.

    It would be the second best thing to being an astronaut

  23. Always been a fan of blizzard games, mainly RTS. Just starting playing WoW a month ago and love it. The thought of World of Starcraft makes me crap my pants!

  24. The problem with world of Starcraft is that blizzard wouldn’t want to risk losing customers from Warcraft.
    It is stupid, as a sci-fi MMO based on Starcraft would only further their profits. But most higher ups can’t see money makers staring them in the face.

  25. this would be awesome because i have played the starcraft series and it is cool. i hope this will become a reallity.

  26. Man, a StarCraft MMOFPS would be totally rockin’. I’ve dreamed about it for ages.

    The only thing is, it better not be anything like WoW. I loved that game, but it got old and I don’t want another experience like it.

  27. you ow me a world of starcraft :P plz. are you actually ganna give a copy to EVERYONE here? your a kind person, a very, rich, kind, person. i thank you

  28. I would also love to see a World of Starcraft game. I really like WoW, but am a sci-fi geek at heart. A marriage of the two would be great.

  29. WoW and UoSC subscriptions could have a double deal, if you play both you get the subscriptions for both games for 75% of the total. And you can also use your WoW account with UoSC, sorta like what Jagex did with RuneScape and Funzone or whatever it was called. It would make them maybe 50% more money than they currently gain from WoW if everyone plays both UoSC and WoW.

  30. With all the news lately, a Diablo MMO would be good grounds just on how much content they can release. They have so much material in the books that this game would be great. Starcraft has one game and a few books to create material from. Either way I would love to see both games out.

  31. with the release of wotlk for wow as soon as the hype goses away many people will begin to get tired of wow and would begin to try to find a new similar mmo then starcraft mmo would be very very prohitable for blizzard as it would bring the people that already left wow back and swutch the soon to quit wow players. only problem i see is the zerg difrences. And the zerg have little advancement to end game. and for the diablo mmo diablo 3 battel net seems like it will be as close to a mmo as diablo will ever get

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