World of Warcraft Now Free2Play up to Lev 20

The latest content update, patch 4.2, has gone live across the lands of Azeroth and with it came an unexpected change to Blizzard’s trial offer.  The original free World of Warcraft trails were restricted to 10 and 14 days, while the new trail period, called World of Warcraft Starter Edition, will be unlimited up to level 20.

No purchase is necessary, World of Warcraft will be available as a free download for those wanting to signup to the new F2P edition.  Players that have previous trial accounts can log back into those accounts and pick up where they left off.

Players that purchase the original World of Warcraft and never updated to the Burning Crusade expansion will receive it for free.  For those completely new who do not own a copy of WoW, they can purchase both WoW and the Burning Crusade for $19.99 in the Blizzard store.


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