World of Warcraft – The Burdens of Shaohao Part Five: The Sundering (Video)

Shaohao’s journey was coming to an end. The vision the last emperor of Pandaria had in what feels like a lifetime ago is coming to pass. Is its fruition a result of him seeking it out or the cause of what he’s learned along his journey? The encroaching calamity of the Great Waterspeaker’s vision has put the emperor in a most difficult decision; find a way to protect his people.

The Sundering, the sixth and final episode in Shaohao’s lore mini-series, is live and available for your viewing pleasure. Clocking in at over six minutes, it’s the longest of the series and concludes a most important chapter to the backstory of Pandaria’s shadowed history.

Once again, it’s with great hope that the success of these colorful, all-new animations and interesting back story be deemed a success to allow Blizzard historians, artists and writers to continue creating these pieces. Check out the culmination to The Burdens of Shaohao after the cut.