WoW Friends: The Archetypes We Meet Along the Way

This is the best screenshot ever.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for almost two years now, and it has been a blast. I really enjoy playing this game — Questing, Dungeons, Rated BGs Raids — you name it!

Blizzard has created an amazing game, but it also has a lot to do with the players who populate Azeroth. World of Warcraft wouldn’t be as fun as it is if we hadn’t made a few friends during our journey. This post is dedicated to the ones who have stuck with me during my various adventures and made this experience much more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise.

Readers, you may not know these people, but the following descriptions will probably remind you of someone you do — whether in WoW or another MMO. Names have been removed to protect the innocent!

1.- The Alt-aholic:

Good god. He has 6 characters at level 85. You think that’s the bad part? No, it is not. I think 4 out of those 6 characters are more geared than my main.

As soon as a new character hits 85, there’s another one waiting in line. I really have a good time leveling new toons with him, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. He levels so fast I usually end up joining him with 3 different characters just to catch up. I go to sleep when we’re both 29 and the next day he’s 38, so I’m forced to now join him with my level 40 character.

I’m still better than him though, no matter what people say.

2.- The Old-schooler:

Do you know what happened in patch 1.21? No? Huh, he does. Can’t remember the hotfixes applied on October 22nd, 2009? Well, he can.

Joined all the way back in Vanilla, became a hardcore raider during TBC and killed the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel. He’s like a WoW encyclopedia, but better. He’s not only a really good player, he’s also an incredible friend.

Unfortunately, he quit WoW a few months ago to focus more on his education, but not before leveling a Worgen from 1 to 85 in 4 days. US 1st? Maybe!

3.- The Cool Cat:

You saw this one coming, didn’t you? There’s always a Cool Cat in the guild.

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like hanging out with him. If I’m not wrong, he was the first one who had a conversation with me on Ventrilo, even when my English was far from being fluid. He’s always willing to help you in anything you may be having issues with, both in-game and IRL.

Unfortunately, I don’t raid with him anymore, but I’m really looking forward to doing it again. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a blast! Meanwhile, I guess we’ll just play Magicka.

What else can I say about him? Oh yeah, he enjoys wasting time flying around Stormwind.

4.- The Tank:

All right, he’s no longer a tank, but he was the only tank our guild had for a while!

Back when we were still getting geared in heroics, if we ever wanted to run a full guild group, we had to wait for him. Unlike Mr. Cool Cat, he’s always doing something with his characters: Running Heroics, doing Dailies, grinding Reputation, etc.

He has recently switched to a DPS Main Spec and now he’s raiding a lot more. Good luck with Nefarian! *I hate that fight*

5.- The Healer:

I’m a healer, he’s the healer.

He used to be a Retribution Paladin back in Patch 3.2, but he rolled a Restoration Druid when 3.3 hit the Live Realms and he’s been a healer since then. Now he has even switched his Paladin’s Main Spec from Retribution to Holy! That’s right, I used to ask him for Retribution advice back in Wrath and now, in Cataclysm, I’m asking him for healing advice.

Currently, he’s working in Hard Modes with Mr. Alt-aholic and Mr. Cool Cat. I guess he wants that Dragonslayer title, he’s probably already tired of The Light of Dawn and Defender of a Shattered World.

6.- The Quitters:

These guys are unbelievable! I’m fine with people who decide to stop playing, but c’mon! It wouldn’t kill them to log in Ventrilo every once in a while to let us know how they’re doing and to have a few laughs, you know, just like we used to back when we played together.

They were both part of our Core Raiding group back in Wrath of the Lich King. As a matter of fact, they were Officers! Geez!

One of them really liked messing with me. He was always making fun of either my Spanish accent or the fact that he was constantly beating me in DPS (He was a Rogue though, we all know Rogues are cheaters).

The other one was pretty famous because of his jokes related to an specific guild member’s mom. Oh boy, those were fun! Let me copy one of the last things he wrote in the guild forums:

Also, since I’ve now officially cut ties with XXXX’s mother, I’ll be refraining from making any jokes about her.  She’s a wonderful woman, and I wish her all the best in her future endeavors to find a lover like me.

I can’t wait to play once again with them.

7.- The One:

There’s not really much to say. She has been an exceptional partner during my adventures and I really hope she stays at my side for the rest of them.

Now, let me ask the readers, do you have any friends like mine? Or maybe you have the PvP Maniac! Or the one who loves Roleplaying! Please, let us know in the comments section.

I’ll include a video of our last raid as a raid group, enjoy!

Note: If you’re my friend and you somehow feel sad because you think you’re not in the list, I’m sorry. I would’ve loved to include everyone, but I kinda ran out of stereotypes. You all rock, though!



  1. Well, if you knew Me, I’d be the Altaholic.

    I’m fully dedicated to leveling 1 of every Class/Race in game (in addtion to getting most heroic level geared), and I’m more than Half way there. Also I’m making a retrospective review of Every Zone from 1-60.

    I’m starting collage by the end of ther year, so this could very well be my Last Hurrah. I’m Makin It Count!

    Besides, I can quit anytime. What? don’t look at me like that.

  2. Unreal man. Cant imagine playing this game without you guys. Almost brought a tear to my eye when i watched the video.

  3. Man you really got me looking back. I miss the PL days so much :/. Running ICC in group 1 and 2, 5 days a week was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in this game, not to mention all the other crazy stuff we’ve done (Holytorch the Undying). I really can’t believe we have all pretty much stuck together over the years. Can’t wait to do some ZA/ZG with u all! :P

    PS: “The healer” is a boomkin in that vid.
    PPS: The priest healer in the vid is pro, but definitely would have out dps’d you if he went shadow.
    PPPS: Level Faster.


  4. lol I’ve filled several of those roles over my wow career.

    I’ve been the “CC” guy (TBC times). The “Healer” everyone went to when they needed heals for dungeon/raid/quest. I’ve been the tank that ran heroics all day for no reason.

    Even though you didn’t list all your friends, I’m sure they fit in there one way or another. :-)

  5. oh man, old PL guild days. i left right as the tourney came out. remember runing Naxx 25 and Uld 10 like 5 days a week! and fighting with Rojo for top hunter dps. ah, the good ole days. oh and having my lvl 58 Pally and another ret pally solo Ony twice a week just so we could get the t2 helm. lol. oh and i was deffinitly a mix of alot of those, mainly the know-it-all-lore wise.

  6. As the old timer I had good time in Project Lore. Wrath was a nice change of pace from the break neck speed I raided in during TBC. Leveling that worgen in 4 days, 4 hours, 40 minutes…fun, but I would never do it again. Thanks for all the memories, you guys kept the game enjoyable.

  7. The reason I stay involved in World of Warcraft is because of the group of people/ family I have become apart of. And even though many of us have gone to different guilds and some of us have quit for more important matters. I know that every time I login to WOW or vent that I will be greeted with a friendly text or voice. But this article really made me think of the great times we had together and some of the harder moments (SINDY!!!!) and truly made me miss the wrath days of raiding with the best group of raiders and friends I know. Someday perhaps we will all be playing something again together and make new memories that will be as epic as past experiences. ( getting all emotional for a cool cat (which I think is me lol) )

    But in the meantime I will catch you guys in WoW and Vent. And Shocker and Torrant…Magika pls!!! lol

    Also my vid rocks, and I miss doing videos.

  8. Haz, never mention Sindy again. Ugh.

    That screen and the vid take me back to when I did tank… Man, DnD was horrible for grabbing spirit aggro.

    Reading this made me miss those old days tho (10-man Ony 3-man was fantastic). Here’s to making more memories!

    P.S. I still have more 85s than TD.

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