WoW, I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

lh_wow_resub_huge-mistakeThis is up there with Gob’s largest, most hilarious faux pahs. Unfortunately for me and my friends, this is one that will drastically alter our dynamic. It won’t be funny. You see, I’ve resubscribed to my first true life-altering MMORPG addiction. That’s right, the gem that spawned Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and remains the most successful of its genre to date. World of Warcraft has returned to my harddrive.

Frankly, I couldn’t resist the upcoming ten-year anniversary celebration. All Blizzard really needed to do was mention Molten Core as part of the festivities to hook me. Let alone retune it for endgame. Seeing Ragnaros for the first time remains one of the most memorable WoW moments. Even more important than being a part of the server-first kill. No need to wait for BlizzCon to get sucked back in, even if Metallica is closing the show.

After logging in I was greeted by a few friendly faces, both my toons remaining in the guild I haven’t conversed with since dropping from the face of Azeroth shortly after Mists of Pandaria released. The day I subbed my priest was level 90 having a few levels head start over my famed rogue Solidsamm, who remained untouched at level 85. She’s now on her way to being geared. Solidsamm remains a few levels behind rocking dungeons, grabbing quests and randomly hitting pretty buttons.

I posses a very small idea of what the heck is going on with either of my characters. I fear the situation of my bags and banks. I cringe at having to rediscover which addons I prefer, need and must discover. But I await the upcoming challenges, lore and camaraderie that comes with joining a themepark MMORPG.

I’m back baby.