WoWFlix: Alexstrasza

This needs to be seen.

This tickled my fancy well before the Gaga-loving crew at pushed it to the masses. The Taintedlore channel has a lot of great WoW-based parodies of girly songs in the past, including I Kissed an Orc, PuG with Me, and The Trade Channel. However, Alexstrasza takes the cake among my favorites.

If you aren’t familiar with Alejandro by Lady Gaga (semi-NSFW music video), the beat might seem a little bit slow to start and repetitive (actually, even if you love Alejandro, you probably feel that way, regardless). Trust me, wait it out.

The production quality is pretty par for WoW fan production, but the lyrical content and performance are quite marvelous. The lyrics have a good mix of Warcraft RP and lore (demon soul, etc), and¬†tongue-in-check WoW player humor (shares a model with Sylvanas, Sarth adds, etc).¬†Additionally, it was a great fit of subject for the song. The “ale-ale-ale” is preserved, and the rhyming pattern is intact. A lot of parodies really try to force a different structure onto the song, but this feels completely natural.

Click-through for lyrics and an mp3 link.

If you are interested in this song, go grab the mp3.


She shares models, with Sylvanas
And she’s always found at Wyrmrest Temple too
Her consort’s name, is Korialstrasz
And she helps you take down Malygos the Blue

Some call her the Dragonqueen,
Sister of She of the Dream,
Joined the Aspects who then stole
The Demon Soul

Life of the Flame, Call her by name,
Malygos claimed, Her child named,
She loves all life, she barely fights,
She hates Deathwing’s Black Dragonflight
Ruby Sanctum, was taken from,

Alex-Alexstrasza [2x]

Captured her babies,
But he’s not much of a dad, it’s kind of sad.
And all those Red eggs, became Twilight,
Now they’re part of the Sarth fight, but they’re just adds


Queen of her flight, Aspect of life,
Majordomo, of Wyrmrest Court,
Wyrmrest Accord, Quartermaster,
Life of the Flame, Call her by name,



  1. Awesome. I normally don’t like Lady GaGa, but this rhythm fits.

    In all of WoW Lore — Alexstrasza is my favorite and the up most revered by me.

    Love this song, favorite’d :P

  2. pretty damn good. i still like Boombox by the website . same dudes that made the three part ulduar vids

  3. It’s not bad. Quality’s a little low but can’t complain.

    Still, a little Early to be using the Deathwing model for wow movies dontcha think?

  4. People who don’t look at spoilers shouldn’t theoretically know that Deathwing is the final boss of Cataclysm. Thats not how the internet works, unfortunately.

  5. Well it is a pretty unique model (for a good reason). That aside, I meant it more like it’s still beta so it’s prone to change. But hey, whatever float’s a movie makers boat.

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