WoWFlix: G33k and G4m3r Girls

As I take a short vacation from many obligations this weekend, I stumbled upon this epicly awesome video, courtesy of @pixiestixy.

G33K and G4M3R Girls (Geek and Gamer Girls for the non-leetspeekers) is an everything-we-are parody of Katy Perry’s California Girls, courtesy of Team Unicorn. From reading manga and comics, to loving on an in-the-flesh Stan Lee, to raiding Mount Hyjal, to flaunting their knowledge of Star Wars, such as “We know Han shot first” in reference to the cantina scene from Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope; this song covers it all exceptionally well.

A special kudos goes to my favorite young actor/writer/comedian, Seth Green, most known as Chris from Family Guy, Scott Evil from Austin Powers, and Producer of the geekiest TV show on-air: Robot Chicken, for his rapping skills.

Continue on for what this may mean for how views on gaming, and specifically gaming girls, may be changing.

I know ever since this was tweeted to me, I haven’t had enough of this song. Though, it coupled with Felicia Day’s (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar, I keep getting this feeling of some sort of Renaissance period of the Gaming Community and Gender Issues.

Back in July, during what we remember as the Real ID Scandal, Pixiestixy shared her thoughts and perspective on how the issue could affect the hidden, misunderstood, obscure populace of female gamers.

Girl Gamers. Some (uninformed) people still don’t believe that we exist.

…You know that stereotype that assumes girl gamers must suck at what we do? Now’s our chance to prove that notion dead wrong.

Could it be that Pixiestixy has again been proven right in her prophetic prophesies? I’ve seen more and more women out-right declaring their gaming capabilities, and being damn proud of it. From my English and Math teachers at school bravely announcing their Fallout 3 or Call of Duty prowess to the class, to half the line at my local GameStop being women, I’ve seen a resurgence of fearless gamers returning to the normal feelings of life.

Everywhere I look, the girl gamers are raising their voices to back profound actresses such as Felicia Day, Clare Grant and Katee Sackhoff, who are declaring themselves as gamers in open defiance of the crude stereotypes that fill our lives.

I can’t help but feel that perhaps there may be a better social outlook toward gaming finally reaching where it has appropriately belonged ever since the streamlining of the industry we know today. Perhaps I’m too optimistic, but only time will tell if I have the same powers of foretelling as my colleague.

I’m still looking for a gamer girl of my own generation to spend time with…


  1. @Bill

    You know, in a study last year on technology, 1 in 5 marriages were started by meeting online.

    Some people are ignorant and say “Those relationships never last”. Although that may be true, some that have been started as being friends for countless years end in divorce just another few years after that.

    Congrats to your relationship, and May the Force Be With you both in the years to come! ^.^

  2. my wife has been playin games alot longer than i have. hell she was a first string beta tester for WoW. even to this day she pwns to sh*t out of me in PVP. ^_^ ive known alot of great gamer chix. and i do think its time for all them gamer girls to stand up and be counted!

  3. I like the song, but the whole half naked things with stuff flying to the screen…well, just made it seem more like they were flaunting themselves. (That’s kinda where the whole stereotype develops.)

    Anyway, song was good. Still it’s pretty obvious anyone can game at this point.

  4. I disagree Next. I think it’s about breaking the stereotype that all gamer chicks are nerds, dorks and unattractive and this hilariously breaks that stereotype.

    Just because ANYONE (male or female) is a gamer/dork/nerd, they’re automatically tagged as a basement dwelling, no life having jackhat. Women get the worst of it. This breaks that mold into a thousand little peices imo and wonderfully at that.

    I applaud this song personally.

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