WoWFlix: How to Win at Pugs and Gearscore

This latest gem by wowcrendor, the same guy who brought you the fake Cataclysm trailer, has made an excellent video explaining what PuGing is like in a 3.3 world with the LFG tool.

Here is his list, which I find eerily accurate:

  • The horribly slow tank
  • The¬†quitter
  • Loot droppers
  • The arrogant corpse
  • The AFK’er
  • The Impatient Starter
  • The good geared bad player
  • The talker
  • The “go person”

Lots of people make these kind of lists, but wowcrendor’s voices and demonstrations are hilarious as always. He doesn’t use the model viewer very much, but his anecdotes¬†and MS paint effects make it feel very authentic.


  1. His voices get a bit samey I found, but it was still entertaining. I think I am probably a silent “go person” since I get really annoyed at slow tanks, but usually keep it in.
    It’s becomes a trend when I’m in a PuG with one of my mates tanking though, that I’ll announce on skype “It’s OK, I can pull for you” then I misdirect and pull, makes the instance much more entertaining and quicker.

  2. hehe i’m usually The Good-geared bad player xD bout 5.3k gs and i’m only doing like….4-5k? i’m a warlock and for me thats suuuuuuucks!
    On my lvl 40 alts i’m also “The Quitter” mostly cuz maraudan. Come on guys tell me 1 person u know who actually likes that dungeon :P
    Lastly, although it isnt on the list, its on the vid. “The lame excuse guy” I’m w8ing for this guy ot make a raid. like an hr l8er only like 4 people
    “hi i gtg. goingo n our family boat” or something like that. They always belive me and YES the boat thing is true i do have one and its called Driftwood :D

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